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Do you have Handguns, Rifles or Shotguns not being used? Need Immediate Cash? Turn Your Firearms Into Cash Legally!
We are a Federal and State licensed facility and can purchase your firearms legally. We just need a valid photo ID from you at time of sale.

We Purchase Individual Pieces

Have just 1 firearm? No problem we do not have a minimum requirement

Out of State Sellers are Welcomed

You live outside of Pennsylvania, no problem. We can evaluate your firearms using pictures and video. If you agree to the price we offered we will provide packaging and postage. Once we receive the firearm we will mail a certified check or wire transfer money.

We Purchase Multiple Pieces

Have multiple firearms you would like to sell? Bring them all.

Broken Firearms? No Problem!

We purchase firearms that are broken, flooded, rusted or missing part. As long as the firearm has a serial number or its manufactured prior to 1968 without a serial number we will purchase it from you.

Estate Sales is our Specialty

Estate sales come with a handful of pitfalls and dangers. Let professionals handle firearms and paperwork. We will handle, transport and store the firearms until they are sold. You will receive proper paperwork so no law is broken on your end.

Prohibited Person Inheriting a Firearm

Under the Federal and State law the executer cannot distribute the firearm to such a person. That's where we come in, firearm get distributed to us, we pay you cash.

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