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Spot 4 guns is your one stop shop. We provide you with Gun Services, such as new and used guns, firearm transfers, gunsmithing, gun storage, ammo sales and more! Wanna sell your firearm, we pay cash for your guns, rifles, shotguns and anything that goes bang. See you soon!


Whether you bought a gun online, or from a friend down the street, or you want to sell your gun to another person (regardless of where they live), SPOT 4 GUNS can help you navigate the gun laws and ensure a legal firearm transfer! Come to us and we will legally transfer a new gun purchase into your name or transfer your guns into another person’s name after you have found a buyer. You can even come to our retail store with a potential buyer and complete the transfer at our facility.


Let us put your gun on display for a quick sale.

Let us get you the most money for your gun but you have to wait until the gun is sold to receive payment. You may leave your gun for as long as it takes to sell it.

Gun Consignment Terms and Rates:

  • Minimum 30 Days for Consignment. 

  • Removing firearm prior to 30 days will incur a $35 service fee. Plus or other applicable fees.

  • To return a gun to an owner, a $35 background check is needed.


We have gunsmiths who are some of the best in the industry. Whether you need to fix an old firearm, repair a broken firearm, want to add scopes and accessories to your favorite firearm, or have firearm that needs a thorough cleaning, we can help! We specialize in Glock, Smith & Wesson

and custom AR15 – AR10 builds. Want to Cerakote your firearm let us give you a quote. 


We provide short and long term firearm storage for our customers.

Don’t have a gun safe? Are you traveling for a long period away from your firearms? Don’t worry we are able to provide you with the stress-free storage service.

Gun Storage Rates: $10 each month/per firearmupon return a $35 background check is needed.


We offer Fast, Legal and Affordable Gun Shipping.

Narrow and strict rules apply to shipping a handgun or long gun safely and legally. Don’t just toss it in any old box with some packing peanuts and then stick it in the mail. For the safety and peace of mind of all parties involved — and so you don’t go to jail — you must take great care and legal consideration when shipping a firearm. We know the correct and legal way to ship guns, rifles and shotguns!


From safety classes to one-on-one training with an expert instructor, Spot 4 Guns offers a full range of classroom and range training to keep you safe. We offer classes many times a month so you can find one that’s convenient for you.

  • Safety Classes

  • One-on-One Training

  • Off-site Classroom

  • Experienced Instructors

  • Training for Beginners to Experts

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